Editorial Policy

What does the Editorial Board do?

We have asked people widely recognized as experts in the study of animation to serve on the wiki’s editorial board. These members will lend their expertise to the ongoing development of the wiki. We will also call on them to arbitrate any disputes of fact or interpretation regarding the biographies of animators or the histories of studios, or any other historical discussion regarding animation. Editors can, of course, also edit or add posts of their own.

How will members of the Editorial Board review contributor questions?

In instances in which there is a dispute or question, wiki administrator will forward the contributor question or disagreement to the Editorial Board. Editors will respond as quickly as they can, and the administrator will implement their decision.

Will members of the Editorial Board review individual contributions?

No. The wiki administrators will review individual contributions and will only contact the Editorial Board if there is a question that they feel needs to be addressed by the board.

Will the websites of members of the Editorial Board be linked to the Early Animation Wiki?

Not necessarily. We hope to make as many connections between our wiki and other cartoon research sites. But editors may choose whether to have their name on the Editorial Board linked to their email or website. If you would like to have your website listed on the wiki, please contact us so we can add it to the Supporters page.

How do I add an image to my profile?

Fully compatible with WordPress, www.gravatar.com allows users to upload an image to their profile, popping up whenever the user posts a comment, or an article on any WordPress site.

Any other questions? Please feel encouraged to email us.