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Bill Hanna

Little School Mouse

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Producer(s): Fred Quimby

Release Date: 29/05/1954

"With a diploma in outwitting cats in his arsenal, Jerry attempts to teach a younger mouse who keeps finding other means to achieve the tasks he is given."

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer cartoon studio

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"Active from 1929 to 1957, MGM produced some of the most well-known and well-liked cartoons syndicated all over the world, featuring characters such as Barney Bear, Droopy, and the now-iconic Tom and Jerry. MGM's first foray into animation was thr..."

Richard “Dick” Lundy

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"Dick Lundy was an animator and director, associated with several studios, including Disney, MGM and

Space Ghost: “The Heat Thing”

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Release Date: 10/09/1966

"Space Ghost imagines intergalactic adventures through the superhero Space Ghost and his sidekicks Jace and Jan, and their pet monkey Blip, who assist in keeping outer space free from trouble. Space Ghost was pivotal in the rising popularity of superh..."

Spring Hits a Snag

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Release Date: 1961

The Flintstones: Cave Scout Jamboree

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Producer(s): William HannaJoseph Barbera

Release Date: 01/04/1966

"After flooding the quarry where he works, Fred is laid off work for a few days. He convinces Wilma and Betty to accompany he and Barney on a camping trip, promising them a peaceful getaway. However, when they learn that their campground is the site o..."

William Hanna

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"William Hanna was a seven-time Oscar winning animation legend, who along with partner Joseph Barbera created hundreds of the most memorable cartoon characters and shorts. These characters incl..."

William Hanna and Joseph Barbera

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"William Hanna and Joseph Barbera were two animators from MGM who began their own animated television studio, Hanna-Barbera Productions; a studio which would dominate and transform the industry from the 60s to the end of the century.William Denby “B..."