Tibor Gergely

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Tibor Gergely

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When he was a young teen he went to Galilei Circle and also became a member of the Sunday Circle after going to their lectures at the Free School of Spiritual Sciences. Later he went to Vienna with his wife Anna Lesznai. In Vienna he studied Lithography at the Academy of Applied Arts. When he returned to Budapest 1931 he taught at the Atelier Design School of Dezso Orben. He and his wife later migrated to New York City in 1939 to escape fascism in his country.

Family and early life

He was married to Anna Leszani who happens to be an Artist/Painter as well

Career outline

He did cover art work for the New Yorker. He also most famous for his illustrations in the popular Little Golden Book series for children, some examples are Happy Man and His Dump Truck and The Little Red Caboose.  Scuffy the Tugboat and his Adventures Down the River- 1946, Illustrator The Taxi that Hurried – 1946, Illustrator Tootle -1945, Illustrator New Yorker Covers – April 29, 1944 Illustrator New Yorker Covers – July 29, 1944 Illustrator New Yorker Covers – September 24, 1949 Illustrator The Little Red Caboose – 1953, Illustrator Tibor Gergely’s Great Big Book of Bedtime Stories – 1972, Author

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