Alexandre Alexandrovitch Alexeieff

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"Alexandre Alexeieff was a Russian Paris-based illustrator and animator best known for inventing the pinscreen and totalization animation techniques with Claire Parker.Alexeieff was born inKazan,Russiain 1901. However, the family soon moved to Istanbu..."

Edward (Ed) Benedict

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"Ed Benedict was born in Ohio in 1912. Known as one of the "greats" of animation's Golden Age, he began at Disney in 1930 and continued his career working at Universal on Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and MGM under Tex Avery. He is best known as the primary..."

Mary Blair

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"Mary Blair was an American animator, best known for her work with Disney Studios."

John (Jack) Bradbury

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"Born John Morin Bradbury on December 27, 1914, he was raised in Seattle, Washington throughout his childhood. Bradbury graduated in the midst of the Great Depression in 1932, taking odd jobs such as apple thinning to make ends meet. In 1933, he saw W..."

Mary Ellen Bute

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"Mary Ellen Bute was born in Houston, Texas on November 21, 1906. She was an experimental animator whose works were inspired by the properties of light as well as the abstract, expressive drawings of Norman McLaren. She would also use everyday obje..."

Alexandre Alexeieff & Claire Parker

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"Alexeieff and Parker were a husband and wife duo who developed the animation technique of pinscreen animation in Pari..."

Émile (Eugène Jean Louis) Courtet

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"Émile Cohl was an important early independent cartoonist and animator, who was a caricaturist in the "Incoherent Movement" and has often been called "The Father of the Animated Cartoon.""

Vincent Colby

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"Vincent Colby was an American artist whose work was popular in the early 1900's. He briefly worked in the animation industry at Bray Studio, where he animated and possibly directed two short films, I Should Worry (1915) and Seven Cutey Puppies (1917)."

Jules Engels

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"Jules Engels was a prolific American animator, artist, director and teacher, where he founded the Experimental Animation program at the California Institute of the Arts, where he worked until his death in 2003, serving as a mentor to new generations ..."

Bill Etra

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"The featured link of the month is dedicated to the recently deceased Bill Etra, a pioneer in the field of video art and a co-inventer of the Rutt/Etra Video Synthes..."

Ward Fleming

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"Ward Fleming is a contemporary artist whose interest lies in the continuation and expansion of the technique of pinscreen animation. "

Theodor Seuss Geisel

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"Theodor Seuss Geisel aka Dr. Seuss - was an American writer, cartoonist, animator, and artist - best known for his children's books. Adopting the moniker of Dr. Seuss during his university studies at Dartmouth and Oxford, Geisel began his career illu..."

Tibor Gergely

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"When he was a young teen he went to Galilei Circle and also became a member of the Sunday Circle after going to their lectures at the Free School of Spiritual Sciences. Later he went to Vienna with his wife Anna Lesznai. In Vienna he studied Lithogra..."

Charles Allen Gilbert

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"Gilbert is mostly known for his illustrations and paintings, including All Is Vanity (1892), Woman Playing Piano (1901), Woman with Rose (1910). In 1916, Gilbert partnered with John Randolph Bray to create Bray-Gilbert Studio. It produced the Silhoue..."

Dan Gordon

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"Daniel Gordon is best known for being a Storyboard Artist, director, and producer. His most well known work is with Famous Studios and Hanna-Barbara Productions. While working with famous in the 1930’s and 40’s, he wrote and directed many stories..."

Echo Henoche

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"Echo Henoche is an Inuk artist and animator from Labrador. Her animation style is influenced by the Inuit art she grew up around in Labrador. She has worked with artists such as Asinnajaq and Elise Simard at the National Film Board, where she develo..."

Faith Hubley

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"Faith Hubley (née Chestman) was born September 16, 1924 in New York City, New York. She is best known as one half of the animating duo alongside her husband John Hubley, a former Disney and UPA animator. She became an independent animator follow..."

Ub Iwerks

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"Iwerks was working as an artist at the Pesman-Rubin Commercial Art Studio in Kansas City when he met Walt Disney. They became good friends and colleagues. They made notable attempts at starting their own business together in Kansas City including Lau..."

Jaime Escudero & Carlos Trupp

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"Jaime Escudero was born on June 23, 1914 in Santiago. Juan Carlos Trupp's date of birth is unknown. Escudero and Trupp are best known for producing one of the earliest animations in Chile, 15 mil dibujos. The film was a box office failure, leaving..."

Paul Julian

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"Paul Julian was an American background and layout artist, art director and production designer whose work is best known in Warner Bros. classic Looney Tunes cartoons. He worked primar..."

Nikolai Khodataev

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"Born in the village of Konstantinovsk in 1892, the son of a wealthy tsarist official, Nikolai Khodataev took painting lessons in his youth, eventually enrolling in the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture, at the age of twenty. In ..."

Ward Walrath Kimball

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"Ward Kimball was a prolific animator for Walt Disney, part of the earliest team of core animators known as "Disney's Nine Old Men." While extremely influential, his importance in the early days of Disney has meant that biographers have encountered se..."

Evelyn Lambart

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"Evelyn Lambart was the first woman animator to join the National Film Board of Canada in 1942 and is widely recognized as one of the first Canadian women animators. For nearly 25 years, Lambart was the only woman directing animated films at the NFB. ..."

Caroline Leaf

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"Caroline Leaf was born in Seattle, Washington on August 12, 1946. Leaf is an award-winning Canadian-American animator who has produced a diverse collection of experimental animations, employing various mediums such as sand, silhouettes, paint on g..."

Georges Méliès

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"George Méliès was one of the earliest filmmakers, and one of the few who experimented with the vast trick and illusionist possibilities of film, inventing a wide range of cinematic techniques. These techniques include substitution splices, multiple..."

Robert Fred “Freddie” Moore

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"Freddie Moore was a highly influential animator with Walt Disney Productions in a crucial era of its development during the 30s, up until the production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (1937) and the establishment of the core group of animators k..."

Lester Novros

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"Novros was an oscar-nominated documentary filmmaker, animator and artist, as well as being a professor and a film designer, who made many breakthroughs in the large-format screen industry used widespread today to depict theatrical films. "

Duke Redbird

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"Duke Redbird was born in Saugeen First Nation, Ontario. Redbird is an accomplished writer, filmmaker, scholar, and artist. He is also an educator across Canada, collaborating with several schools to revise curriculums with the objective to decolon..."

Isadore Sparber

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"An animator born in America, Sparber first got his start in animation through the Fleischer Studios in 1922. Contributing as an uncredited writer to Superman, Betty Boop and Popeyes cartoons, as well as on Fleischer features Gulliver's Travels,..."

Amanda Strong

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"Amanda Strong is an Indigenous artist and filmmaker whose work features stop-motion animation. She is from Mississauga, Ontario and has lived in Toronto and Montreal. She is currently based in unceded Coast Salish territory, also known as Vancouver...."

Jan Švankmajer

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"Jan Švankmajer is a Czechoslovakian surrealist artist, filmmaker and animator. His work revolves around the exploration of imaginative meanings within objects of the everyday specifically through their tactile qualities. Filled with grotesque imager..."

Vladimir William (“Bill”) Tytla

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"Vladimir Tytla worked as an animator for several studios, including his own. His happiest times, and best work, were done at Disney Studios where he felt a certain atmosphere of artistry and care for the animated product, which fed his deep interest ..."