Hashimoto-san: House of Hashimoto ()

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Hashimoto-san: House of Hashimoto

Directed by:

Bob Kuwahara (series director)

Connie Rasinski


Bill Weiss

Frank Schudde

Animated by:

Cosmo Anzilotti

Ralph Bakshi

Ed Donnelly

Larry Silverman

Music by:

Phil Scheib

Backgrounds by:

Bill Hilliker



Release date:


Running time:

6 min

Color process:

De Luxe

This is an episode from Terrytoons’ “Hashimoto-san”, an animated series about a mouse who is a judo instructor in Japan. Hashimoto-san was the first Japanese animated character in an American cartoon. While it was criticized for representing Japanese people with racial stereotypes, Hashimoto-san was created by a Japanese-American animator, Bob (Rokuro is his Japanese name) Kuwahara. Japanese culture is represented in a positive light, as the series was intended to educate American audiences about the country’s cultural traditions.

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