Layout Artists

Pete Alvarado

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"Pete Alvarado was born in 1920 and was raised in Glendale, California. He attended Chouinard Art Institute. Soon after graduating from art school he was hired at Disney as an animation assistant and first worked on Snow White and Dumbo. He worked mos..."

Edward (Ed) Benedict

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"Ed Benedict was born in Ohio in 1912. Known as one of the "greats" of animation's Golden Age, he began at Disney in 1930 and continued his career working at Universal on Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and MGM under Tex Avery. He is best known as the primary..."

Richard Bickenbach

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"Richard Bickenbach was born in Indiana August 9 1907. He moved to Los Angeles California during the 1930’s where he became a longtime animator for Hanna-Barbara. Spending the first years of his animation career (the 1930s, 1940s) working as a layou..."

Harvey Eisenberg

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"Inker/Assistant Animator at Fleishcer studio, 1930-31 and at Van Buren studio from 30-36. Worked on Tom and Jerry from 1941 to 45 as a layout artist. Worked again with Hanna-Barbera from 1960-1965 as a Character Designer, Layout artist, and storyboar..."

Dudley Fisher

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"Dudley Fisher was born in 1890 in Columbus, Ohio. He attended the Ohio State University, attempting an architecture education. He soon dropped out in order to be a layout artist at the Columbus Dispatch newspaper. During World War I, he worked as a p..."

Vance Gerry

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"For half a century, Vance Gerry was one of Disney’s most integral employees. In 1955, he was hired as an assistant in-betweener, then was promoted to layout artist, and later worked in story developed in the 1960s. His artistic range broadened duri..."

Bob Givens

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"“I went to Chouinard, mostly nights, and then I went to Bistram School, New York Art Students League and Jepson in Los Angeles. Quite a bit of art training then and over the years…Drawing is the basis of all this business. You can’t get too muc..."

Dan Gordon

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"Daniel Gordon is best known for being a Storyboard Artist, director, and producer. His most well known work is with Famous Studios and Hanna-Barbara Productions. While working with famous in the 1930’s and 40’s, he wrote and directed many stories..."

Ferdinand Horvath

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"Ferdinand Horvath was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1891. Horvath was an animator and illustrator at various major animation studios such as Fable Studios, Inc., Walt Disney, and Screen Gems (Columbia Pictures) Horvath died of a stroke on Novem..."

Bob Kuwahara

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"Bob Kuwahara was born in Tokyo, Japan on August 12, 1901. His family moved to the United States in 1910. He was a Japanese-American animator and writer who is best known for creating the Terrytoons character Hashimoto-san, a mouse who is a judo in..."

Maurice Noble

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"Maurice Noble was one of the most well-respected animation designers and layout artists of the age of Golden American Animation, and a self-proclaimed "rebel" who worked for Walt Disney as..."

Ken O’Connor

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"Ken O'Connor was born in Perth, Australia, and died in Burbank California. He was a legendary Disney layout artist, designer as well as art director. During his time at Disney, he helped the studio achieve a high level of visual dynamism in their cla..."