Storyboard Artists

Carl Barks

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"Carl Barks was an American cartoonist who was most well-known for drawing Donald Duck as well as creating the iconic character of Scrooge McDuck. "

Arthur (Art) Davis

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"Arthur Davis was born on June 14th, 1905 in Yonkers, New York. He started his animation career in early 30s and moved around many studios and worked on over 200 animations as a director and animator. He worked some time at Screen Gems, and moved onto..."

Vance Gerry

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"For half a century, Vance Gerry was one of Disney’s most integral employees. In 1955, he was hired as an assistant in-betweener, then was promoted to layout artist, and later worked in story developed in the 1960s. His artistic range broadened duri..."

Dan Gordon

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"Daniel Gordon is best known for being a Storyboard Artist, director, and producer. His most well known work is with Famous Studios and Hanna-Barbara Productions. While working with famous in the 1930’s and 40’s, he wrote and directed many stories..."

Joe Grant

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"Born in New York, Grant worked for The Walt Disney Company as a character designer and story artist starting in 1933, leaving in 1949 to start his own ceramics and greeting card company. I..."

Ben “Bugs” Hardaway

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"Ben Hardaway was an American storyboard artist, voice actor, animator and gagman during the Golden Age of American animation. Supplying the voice of Woody Woodpecker in many cartoon shorts, Hardaway was the man who gave "Bugs Bunny" his iconic name. "

Ferdinand Horvath

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"Ferdinand Horvath was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1891. Horvath was an animator and illustrator at various major animation studios such as Fable Studios, Inc., Walt Disney, and Screen Gems (Columbia Pictures) Horvath died of a stroke on Novem..."

Bob Kurtz

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"His career started when he began writing the pink panther series."

Isadore Sparber

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"An animator born in America, Sparber first got his start in animation through the Fleischer Studios in 1922. Contributing as an uncredited writer to Superman, Betty Boop and Popeyes cartoons, as well as on Fleischer features Gulliver's Travels,..."