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Émile (Eugène Jean Louis) Courtet

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"Émile Cohl was an important early independent cartoonist and animator, who was a caricaturist in the "Incoherent Movement" and has often been called "The Father of the Animated Cartoon.""

Émile Cohl

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"Cohl was a French caricaturist, cartoonist and animator, who was among the first people to experiment with the animated cartoon. "


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Producer(s): Émile Cohl

Release Date: 17/08/1908

"A spectacle driven early silent era animation which depicted morphing stick figures and objects. Though sometimes attributed to be the first completely animated film, the animators hands are clearly visible at one point."

Mr. Crack

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"Cohl's adaptation of the popular French operetta "Monsieur de Crac" was based on the tales of Baron Münchhausen, a German nobleman famous for his tall-tales. In this 4 min piece, Cohl uses 2-D cut out puppets and stop-motion photography to animate..."

The Hasher’s Delirium

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"Emile Cohl's delightful animation explores the inebriated state of a drunken man, using a white plate to showcase the inner "deliriums" of his mind. The images mutate, transform, associate becoming more and more frightening for the man, until he burs..."