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Animation from Cape Dorset

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Producer(s): National Film Board of Canada

Release Date: 1973

"This short film features several sections that introduce Inuit culture, customs, folklores, and craftsmanship. "The Good Day for Hunting" and "Caribou Hunting" discuss the fishing and hunting rituals in Baffin Island. In addition, "the Inuit Christma..."

Dick Beals

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"Born in Detroit, as a child Dick Beals was too small to play sports, instead opting to be a cheerleader. He attended Michigan State University, where he began to lend his voice to radio broadcasting. In the 1940s, Beal began to do voice acting profes..."

Eunice Macaulay

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"Before entering animation, Eunice Macaulay worked at Pilkington Brothers as an analytical chemist, and later during the Second World War as a radio operator. After the war, in 1948, a Christmas card Macaulay illustrated caught the attention of Gaumon..."

Grant Munro

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"Grant Munro was an animator, actor, producer and filmmaker with the National Film Board of Canada, who was instrumental in many of the first developments of the film board and its associated studios. He was one of the board's earliest and longest ser..."

Horton Hears a Who

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I Can Remember

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Producer(s): Sesame Street

Release Date: 15/11/1972

"An animated short from season four, episode eight of Sesame Street, a young girl is instructed by her mother to purchase a loaf of bread, a container of milk, and a stick of butter from the grocery store. "

Jan Švankmajer

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"Jan Švankmajer is a Czechoslovakian surrealist artist, filmmaker and animator. His work revolves around the exploration of imaginative meanings within objects of the everyday specifically through their tactile qualities. Filled with grotesque imager..."

Jim Simon

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"Jim Simon is an artist and animator who created numerous commercials, public relation films, and entertainment and educational shorts during the 1970s and 1980s. Once dubbed “the Black Walt Disney” (even though he did not embrace the title), Simo..."

John Whitney, Sr.

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"John Whitney attended school at Pomona College, and in 1937, took a year in Paris to study twelve-tone composition under conductor René Leibowitz. Upon returning to America, he and his brother, James, began to make experimental films, initially work..."

Leo D. Sullivan

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"Leo D. Sullivan began his career in 1959 after graduating from the Chouinard Art Institute. He first worked as an assistant to Warner Bros. producer Bob Clampett on the television show, Beany and Cecil. In 1965, Sullivan met fellow animator Floyd Nor..."

Masahiko Satoh

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"Born in Tokyo in 1941, Masahiko Satoh is a pianist whose career has spanned six decades and over a hundred albums. His style is known for blending influences from American jazz with traditional Japanese music. Satoh's interest in music began at the ..."

Michael Maltese

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"Born in New York City to Italian immigrants, Michael Maltese studied at the National Academy of Art and Design, before landing his first animation job working as a colourist for Betty Boop cartoons, in 1935. He and his wife, Florence Sass, later move..."

Nikolai Khodataev

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"Born in the village of Konstantinovsk in 1892, the son of a wealthy tsarist official, Nikolai Khodataev took painting lessons in his youth, eventually enrolling in the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture, at the age of twenty. In ..."

Panda! Go, Panda!

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Producer(s): Shunzo Kato

Release Date: 17/09/1972

"While her grandmother is out of town, Mimiko, a young orphan, befriends a giant panda bear and his son."

Payut Ngaokrachang

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"Payut Ngaokrachang was a Thai animation pioneer and creator of Thailand’s first animated feature film. He is known as “Thailand’s Walt Disney.”"

Sadie Friedlander Bodin

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"Sadie Bodin was an extremely influential animator, being the first to picket an animation studio during the fight for animation workers' rights in the 1930s. Bodin was also one of the few women animators to move up into managerial positions, becoming..."

Special Delivery

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Producer(s): Derek Lamb

Release Date: 1978

"Ralph Phelps ignores his wife's orders to clean the snow off their porch and goes for a walk instead. His day spirals into anarchy when he returns to find the mailman on his front yard, his neck broken from slipping and falling down the stairs."

Stephen and Timothy Quay (Brothers Quay)

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"Stephen and Timothy Quay are identical twin brothers and animators, working together as the Quay Brothers. They are extremely influential in the field of stop-motion animation, creating dark and esoteric works that have built on several fascinating a..."

Sterling Holloway

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"Born in Cedartown, Georgia to a grocer, Sterling Holloway's acting career began in his teens, when he enrolled in the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City, where his classmates included Spencer Tracy and Pat O'Brien. After graduation, h..."

Storyboard Studios/Hubley Studios

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"After John Hubley was blacklisted by HUAC (House Un-American Activities Committee) for not testifying before the committee, he had to leave his position at United Productions of America (UPA) in 1952 and as a result founded his own independent animat..."

The Great Alligator

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Producer(s): Janis Diamond

Release Date: 10/09/1977

The Great Bluegrass Mountain Race

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Producer(s): Fred Calvert

Release Date: 12/11/1977

"This is the tenth episode of the short-lived series, I Am the Greatest!: The Adventures of Muhammad Ali. Muhammad Ali, Damon, and Nicky help their friend, a train engineer named Jimmy, win a race against two dishonest truckers."

The Owl Who Married a Goose: An Eskimo Legend

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Producer(s): Pierre Moretti

Release Date: 1974

"From the National Film Board of Canada: Please note that this is an archival film that makes use of the word “Eskimo,” an outdated and offensive term. While the origin of the word is a matter of some contention, it is no longer used in Canada. Th..."

The Street

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Producer(s): Wolf Koenig Guy Glover

Release Date: 01/01/1976

""This film deals with a Jewish family in Montreal, Canada as they care for a dying grandmother and the young boy who is impatient to get the room he was promised as soon as she kicks the bucket.""

Tom Sito

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"Tom Sito is a highly influential American animator, animation historian and teacher, who has often been considered one of the key figures in the Disney Renaissance."

Walt Disney Studio

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"Walt Disney's Studio first found its headquarters in Burbank, California. A personal winner of of twenty Academy Awards within his lifetime, with a total of 63 total nominations, as well as 4 Special or Honorary Oscars, Disney is remembered as an ico..."

Ward Walrath Kimball

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"Ward Kimball was a prolific animator for Walt Disney, part of the earliest team of core animators known as "Disney's Nine Old Men." While extremely influential, his importance in the early days of Disney has meant that biographers have encountered se..."

William Hanna and Joseph Barbera

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"William Hanna and Joseph Barbera were two animators from MGM who began their own animated television studio, Hanna-Barbera Productions; a studio which would dominate and transform the industry from the 60s to the end of the century.William Denby “B..."