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Toei Animation Studio

Anju to Zushiômaru

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Producer(s): Hiroshi Ohkawa

Release Date: 10/07/1961

"Children of a huntsman, Anju and Zushioumaru were sold to a slaveowner who brutally tortured them. Fortunately, their master's son sympathized with the siblings. He fell in love with Anju and secretly helped Zushioumaru escape his father's estate. Th..."

Kenzō Masaoka

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"Masaoka was one of the first Japanese animators, who also trained and guided artists who would move on to become the next generation of animators. Masaoka is credited with creating the earliest anime using cel animation and recorded sound. He has als..."

Taiji Yabushita

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"Taiji Serushita graduated from Tokyo School of Fine Arts and studied photography. He is a pioneer of Japanese animation. After graduation, he joined the filming department of Matsuktake Co. Ltd. in 1925. Later, he worked in the film production equipm..."