Special Effects Animators

Mary Ellen Bute

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"Mary Ellen Bute was born in Houston, Texas on November 21, 1906. She was an experimental animator whose works were inspired by the properties of light as well as the abstract, expressive drawings of Norman McLaren. She would also use everyday obje..."

Kenzō Masaoka

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"Masaoka was one of the first Japanese animators, who also trained and guided artists who would move on to become the next generation of animators. Masaoka is credited with creating the earliest anime using cel animation and recorded sound. He has als..."

Willis Harold O’Brien

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"O'Brien was an innovative special effects animator, most well-known for the landmark production in 1925 of The Lost World, and animated the Gorilla sequences in the famed King Kong film from the 30's. He also developed the revolutionary animation..."