Moustapha Alassane

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"Moustapha Alassane was born in N’Dougou, Niger in 1942. Alassane is credited as the Father of African animation and he directed approximately 30 films. He introduced and spread the word of filmmaking, provided local training, and aided in the d..."

Mary Ellen Bute

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"Mary Ellen Bute was an American animator, director, and producer known as one of the first female experimental filmmakers and the creator of some of the first electronically generated film images. Bute was a pioneer of visual music and electronic art..."

Oskar Fischinger

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"An interest in combining music and conceptual designs brought Fischinger to experiment with sound synchronization on film (this was a newer process at the time). He created a series of works titled Studies. Fischinger achieved success in 1930 with ex..."

Oskar Fischinger

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"Oskar Fischinger was a German-American painter, filmmaker and abstract animator. He invented several tools and techniques for special effects. While personally producing a vast amount of abstract fine art and film, he also collaborated with pioneer f..."

Auguste Marie Louis Nicolas Lumière and Louis Jean Lumière

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"Auguste and Louis Lumière were the first filmmakers in history. The invented and patented the cinematograph, the first technology that allowed the viewing of films by multiple people at once. Their film Sortie de l'usine Lumière de Lyon (1895) is c..."

Eunice Macaulay

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"Before entering animation, Eunice Macaulay worked at Pilkington Brothers as an analytical chemist, and later during the Second World War as a radio operator. After the war, in 1948, a Christmas card Macaulay illustrated caught the attention of Gaumon..."

Georges Méliès

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"George Méliès was one of the earliest filmmakers, and one of the few who experimented with the vast trick and illusionist possibilities of film, inventing a wide range of cinematic techniques. These techniques include substitution splices, multiple..."

Grant Munro

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"Grant Munro was an animator, actor, producer and filmmaker with the National Film Board of Canada, who was instrumental in many of the first developments of the film board and its associated studios. He was one of the board's earliest and longest ser..."

Duke Redbird

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"Duke Redbird was born in Saugeen First Nation, Ontario. Redbird is an accomplished writer, filmmaker, scholar, and artist. He is also an educator across Canada, collaborating with several schools to revise curriculums with the objective to decolon..."

Lotte Reiniger

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"Charlotte "Lotte" Reiniger was born in Charlottenburg in Berlin, Germany on June 2, 1899. Lotte Reiniger was a German animator who adapted the art of shadow-plays to film, pioneering and perfecting the technique of silhouette animation using her ..."